Why Attend Experience Sales Enablement 2017? To Define Your Profession and Elevate Your Role



This is a singular opportunity for you — the Sales Enablement practitioner — to define your profession and elevate your role. Together in Dallas, we’ll clarify the skills and capabilities needed to excel in this profession. By the end of the conference, you’ll know how to demonstrate the value of sales enablement to your stakeholders. You’ll have a community of like-minded professionals to help you meet your goals. You’ll even have actionable guidance and tools you can apply on Monday morning. Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Attend: 

  1. Elevate your role in strategic terms. Don’t get mired in the tactical. Ensure you’re making a clear impact. 
  2. Clarify the value of your work to your stakeholders. Learn how your peers are busting silos and making their case in a compelling way. 
  3. Deepen your personal connections. Build relationships with innovative and experienced peers, and draw on their expertise for years to come.  

Why is Vital for Me to Be There? (Transcription)

Why should you make sure that you’re in Dallas with the rest of your community in October? I’ve heard from many of you, “Well I’ve got this going on.” “Well it’s kind of busy.” “Well I’m going to have to ask my boss.” “Well I might have to pay for it.” But also, I’ve talked to a whole bunch of other people who have been watching the Sales Enablement Society grow on the sidelines. In eight months we grew from zero chapters to 27 chapters. Why? You need to know that. There’s a reason why this is growing and you’re a part of it. 

Why do you need to be there? Well you can say that you were there. You were part of something that’s never happened before where a bunch of professionals came together and made their own profession. You’re going to be able … Maybe you’re sort of feeling like, “You know, I just can’t really get away. I’m kind of too busy. I’ve got my inbox is here, the kind of stuff that I’m getting out is here. Why run the risk to some boondoggle?” Okay, that’s fair.

My question to you is on that in box of things that you’re doing, how many of them are actually going to move the needle for sales in the first place? How do you know whether they’re working or not? How do you know how to be able to assess and manage the expectations of what that in box should be and don’t you want to know? Shouldn’t you be working on the things that matter?

Also what about strategies on making that in box better, the materials that you produce better, getting them done quickly so that you take the in box and convert to the out box easier so you don’t spend 60 hours working a week and it’s just 50. Get a little bit more time back with your family. 

What about all of the energies that are spent making sales people, the sales people that you’re working with to develop their skills? Where do you go to get the opportunity to develop your skills? Yeah, you could say that’s probably selfish because you might be looking out for yourself, but if you develop your skills you become more valuable for your own company. Where’s the opportunity to do that? There is no professional group out there that’s dedicated to that except the Sales Enablement Society and you’re going to be able to meet those folks.

What about as you go through and have the confidence to tackle once you’re starting thinking through your plan in November and you start getting geared up for the sales kickoff meeting, and starting to weather the storm of the year, the annual fracas, the close of the books and as all that chaos is going, you’re going to be able to formulate some strategies on how to elevate and how to think through hmm, I ran into those opportunities in Dallas in a real life simulated environment. I’m going to be able to add a lot of value here and when I speak up, it’s not just my own opinion. It’s because I had the chance to talk with other people about it. 

You’re going to be able to pick up the phone and call the many people that are in the same boat that you met with and they’re going to know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re not going to have to explain to them 80 ways to Sunday what’s going to happen. You’re going to be able to log in to the website and actually ask other people to review your request, or review your budget, or review your plan and give you a critique and you’re going to have confidence in what that looks like. 

All of those things are the benefits of what’s going on in addition to the information that you’re going to learn on the presentations and the materials, in addition to the actual hard copy output that you’re going to be able to have for your members, or for your employers. All of those things happen, but maybe the most and the biggest reason why you should go: When have you ever had an opportunity in your professional career to say you were there for. “I was there for when,” what happened. When have you ever had that chance? 

When you come to Dallas you will be there in that experience making something happen. I ask you if you’re considering and still on the fence, look at the video clips of the people who were there at Palm Beach. None of them would have traded that time in for anything. They’re going to be there too and this conference is going to be ten times better than what that one half-day meeting was. So that’s why you should spend the $500.00 to come to Dallas. 

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