What’s Special about this Conference? You Get to Explore Key Sales Enablement Challenges with your Peers




Unlike other conferences, Experience Sales Enablement 2017 is an immersive environment infused with improvisation and energy.

You’ll have the chance to challenge approaches, question experts, and hash out best practices for getting bigger budgets, overcoming office politics and making salespeople more successful.

Here are just some of the questions we’ll tackle together:

  • How can we influence the salesperson of the future?
  • How can we make sales onboarding a huge success?
  • How can we work more efficiently to complete projects successfully?
  • How can we add value to our organizations?
  • How can we drive collaboration proactively?
  • How can we manage teams, programs and suppliers more predictably, while still being agile and adaptive?

Scott Santucci – Founder of the Sales Enablement Society

What’s the Mission of this Conference? (Transcript)

 The mission of our conference is very simple; make sales enablement practitioners successful in their jobs today, tomorrow, and in the future. Because sales enablement is a relatively emerging role and it’s new, most practitioners don’t even know what questions to ask. Many have gone through and chased silver bullets only to get shot themselves. Must scurry or chase after activities and not ask those questions. The purpose of this conference is to bring practitioners together to challenge each other, to challenge the subject matter experts who are pontificating these medicines, these snake-oil medicines, and to really understand what actually is happening in the overall economy and in our companies with our role. 

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