SES Roundup: Videos from the Inaugural Meeting of the Sales Enablement Society



Last November, the Sales Enablement Society held its inaugural meeting. The society’s charter was signed by 100 founding members. Here are some of the videos from that powerful event (thanks go out to Brian Lambert and Gerhard Gschwandtner for their fantastic work on these videos).

Signing the Charter in Palm Beach: November 2017. Get a sense of the energy and enthusiasm that accompanied this memorable event.

Summary of Inaugural Meeting in November, 2017: Scott and Brian. In this fun, informal video shot in an airport baggage area, SES founders Scott Santucci and Brian Lambert share their reflections on a highly successful event.

Gerhard Gschwandtner Interviews Scott Santucci. SES leader Scott Santucci shares some of the inspiration for the society.

Thierry Van Herwijn Founding Member: Why SES? Thierry Van Herwijn, director of sales enablement and operations at Wipro, shares his thoughts on the power of an engaged community of professionals.

Rahul Gupta, DC Chapter Leader: Why SES? Rahul Gupta, director of global enablement strategy at RSA Security, on why he has made sales enablement his career of choice. 

Meet the Chapter Leaders w/ Jill Guardia. Jill Guardia, president of the Boston Chapter, introduces us to other chapter presidents.

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