SES Roundup: Videos from the Inaugural Meeting of the Sales Enablement Society



Last November, the Sales Enablement Society held its inaugural meeting. The society’s charter was signed by 100 founding members. Here are some of the videos from that powerful event (thanks go out to Brian Lambert and Gerhard Gschwandtner for their fantastic work on these videos). Signing the Charter in Palm Beach: November 2017. Get a sense of the energy and enthusiasm … Read More

The Challenge



Click here for the Video Challenge:  ATL issues the VVC for the SES Society Friends,  The Challenge has officially been laid! Here’s the skinny: Create a 60 second video, the more hilarious, the better, about the conference or the society.  We have a few ideas to get the juices flowing:  Perhaps Dallas could do one on navigating Dallas during the … Read More

Who is this Event Designed for and Who Will You Meet?



In addition to hundreds of sales enablement and sales operations professionals coming to Dallas to define our profession, you’ll find: CEOs CFOs Sales, Marketing, and HR VPs Demand Generation Experts Content/Product/Solution Marketers The conference is more about the attendees than the speakers, but here’s a quick look at some of the presenters who’ll facilitate your experience: Carol Sustula—Trinet Sheevaun Thatcher—RingCentral … Read More

What’s Special about this Conference? You Get to Explore Key Sales Enablement Challenges with your Peers



  Unlike other conferences, Experience Sales Enablement 2017 is an immersive environment infused with improvisation and energy. You’ll have the chance to challenge approaches, question experts, and hash out best practices for getting bigger budgets, overcoming office politics and making salespeople more successful. Here are just some of the questions we’ll tackle together: How can we influence the salesperson of … Read More

Why Attend Experience Sales Enablement 2017? To Define Your Profession and Elevate Your Role



This is a singular opportunity for you — the Sales Enablement practitioner — to define your profession and elevate your role. Together in Dallas, we’ll clarify the skills and capabilities needed to excel in this profession. By the end of the conference, you’ll know how to demonstrate the value of sales enablement to your stakeholders. You’ll have a community of … Read More